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Schildhauer Communication Services


OsterstraĂźe 58     Phone +49 40 432156-70
20259 HamburgFax +49 40 432156-71
Germany E-mail Opens window for sending emailinfo(at)



Our offices are located in Eimsbüttel, a busy district of Hamburg – a map of the area is available here.

If possible, you are kindly advised to use Hamburg's public transportation services to reach our office building. The closest connections are:

  • Subway line U2 to OsterstraĂźe – our building is a short walk from the station.
  • Metro bus line 4 or line 20 to Schulweg – the bus stops are located at the corner of Schulweg/OsterstraĂźe.
  • For further connections please visit the HVV web site (Hamburg Transport Authority).

Parking is available at the Karstadt parking garage on the corner of Osterstraße/Heußweg – the entrance to the garage is on Henriettenstraße.


House of the Future

The House of the Future is a competence center for business and ecology. Established in 1998, it is widely recognized as a leading center of innovation in the field of environmental management and sustainability. As a member organization we are firmly committed to the principles of sustainable business practice and environmental protection.

For further information please visit the House of the Future's web site.